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Al-Romansiah Restaurants promoted the Quality and Distinct Service in its New Identity.

In an official ceremony on Sunday, January 22nd 2017, Al-Romansiah restaurants announced its new identity through which it exemplifies and promotes  its commitment to the international quality and service distinctiveness. The ceremony included the presence of the chairman of Al-Mahydab Group Mr. Solaiman Abdulgader Al-Mahydab and vice-chairman of board of directors of Al-Romansiah company and deputized member Mr. Yahya Al-Mo'alim and the member of board of directors Mr. Saleh Al-Hammami and a number of social figures and media activists.


At the opening ceremony, Al-Romansiah company presented its accomplishments during the past year. For his part, the chairman of board of directors of Al-Romansiah company Mr. Esam Al-Mahydab delivered a speech which he talked about the beginning of Al-Romansiah restaurants in 1997 and its accomplishments that led today to 18 branches all over the Kingdom and 7 branches are being constructed. He also stated: “ thanks to Allah, the successes continue until Al-Romansiah company becomes today the leading company in the realm of authentic popular cuisines. After twenty years, Al-Romansiah company has a well-trained and highly qualified team which is comprised of three thousand employees, and its services are delivered through 18 branches to 9 million orders every year  to more than one million customers. All such successes have been achieved by Allah Grace first and by your tireless efforts and hard work my darling brothers”.

After that, the new identity of Al-Romansiah restaurants was announced, followed that the speech of chairman of board of directors and the deputized  member Mr. Yahya Al-Mo'alim in which he said: “ we all together celebrate every year in such days with our achievements and successes that we achieved in the past year and receive a new year filled with good and prosperity. This ceremony comes today for the achievements that have been achieved by Allah Grace and your tireless  efforts including inaugurating the new identity of Al-Romansiah in a form that reflects its genuineness and keeps pace with the modernity”.  It is noteworthy that Al-Romansiah restaurants offers its services through its branches in addition to facilitating  customer service through its website or through smart mobile applications or through a unified communication center which receives approximately 3200 phone calls every day with a highly qualified national staff in the customer services.     


Monday, March 13, 2017

عودة إلى الأخبار والإعلام

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